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From: Kevin Henry

Dear Friend,

I am an American Man who took two years of my life and invested a lot of time and money looking on-line for a good woman in the Philippines to meet and marry. There is a lot more to it than I first thought. I would like to tell you that it's easy but in reality anything valuable in life rarely ever is. Many Filipina are just wonderful young women who are sincere honest and loving. Let me share my experiences with you, show the ropes and save you some bucks and headaches. If you are serious about finding the love of your live in young filipina, you will find this guide worth every penny. Guaranteed!

For less than cost of one month on a Dating Site you'll get the inside scoop on Finding Love in the Philipines and save a lot of headache and heartache in the process.

Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for your book. I am recently divorced and very much wanting to find a good woman. I got referred to you by a friend of mine. Everything you said is true and the resources are invaluable. I would not want to try finding someone on “the other side of the planet" without the “Online Cyberbride Guide”.

Bill R. Columbus, OH.



How to Find a Great Filipina Mate Online and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls saving a ton of Time and Money.

If you're the typical western male looking for Asian women to marry and have a family with, you are probably a little older and do not have all the time in the world. Why not make a little investment learn from someone who's been there? Get the facts about finding a mate in the Philippines and know what to expect. How much is your time worth? For less than twenty bucks, you will learn about all tricks and potential problem areas that you can potentially run into. I wish I had this guide when I started looking, let me tell you.

Over the past two years, I have met lots of Good, Sincere, Kind and Honest Filipinas. We will teach you how to find, screen and identify nothing but the best Filipinas waiting there to meet a guy just like you and avoid the kind of girls you really don't want to meet.

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The Internet has made finding and communicating with women from all over the world very easy for us, actually, too easy. But, If you are a good guy looking for a good woman to love and be loved by then there are women all over the world that want to meet you and have the kind of life that you can give them. Like anything though, there's no such thing as something for nothing. Learn how to seperate yourself from the crowd by knowing what to expect, how to answer tough questions, how to win her heart and also if she really is sincere.

Wow, I have been chatting for a while and did not understand Filipina Culture. All the links and references you have are great. I have saved so much time, money and frustration. I want happiness with some nice Filipina and now I feel like I have a decent shot at success.

Mike A. Atlanta, GA

There are a lot of Good Quality Filipinas waiting to meet a Guy, like you. But BEFORE you spend your time and hard earned money


What are the types of women you can expect to meet online and what to expect when you first start chatting.

How to not waste a lot of time and move quickly to find someone that is good

What are the rules to protect your Heart, Feelings and most of all YOUR TIME. How much it Really costs to find, marry and bring a Filipina to the US or another western country.

Why using the "Online Only" method may not be the best approach

The Upside and Downside of sending emails and Romance Tours

For less than the cost of one month on a Dating Site you can Download this Indispensable Guide for Finding a Filipina to love and be loved by.

We Guarantee, you will be 100% Satisfied or we'll give you all your Money BACK. As a thank you for giving us a try we are including the following Bonus Booklets.  

Based on a lot of time and personal experience, I am including these bonuses as a Thank Your for trying the Cyberbride Guide.

Bonus 1 – “Reading and Interpreting an Online Profile. What her profile most likely says about her, what she is looking for and how to guard your most valuable commodity, your Time.

Bonus 2 -Chatting and Having an Online Relationship”, Once you think you have met a good girl, what you can do to have piece of mind.

Bonus 3 - “Sample Chat Logs” Know what to expect when you chat online.Real live examples of chats with all kinds of girls, so you will know what to expect when you start chatting.

If you are a Nice Guy just looking for someone to spend your life with and hopefully have a family, then there are many wonderful young ladies in the Philippines waiting for a guy just like you. They do exist and there is happiness with a Filipina.

I want you to know I respect your privacy

I know this is a very private subject, so I go out of my way to secure your privacy.

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Pius, nothing is shipped to you.

Be informed. Be Prepared.

Know exactly what to expect and how to handle finding love in another culture. And, Dramatically Increase your chances of Success and reduce your risk and time.

I Guarantee your Satisfaction.

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Kevin Henry

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